How To Utilize Your Mornings

Think back to what you did this morning after you woke up. Probably turned off your alarm and picked up your phone, right? Just a quick check to see if anyone sent you any important messages before starting your day. This may have started off innocent enough, but before you’ve realized it, this “quick check” has spiraled out of control. The need to check emails, Facebook posts, and Instagram notifications has slowly crept up on you. What happened while I was asleep? What’s going on in the world? It becomes even worse when you see something negative online, setting the idea in your head that everything in the outside world is more important than you and the time that you should invest in yourself. Now, think of what your mornings could be like if you left your phone on the nightstand and instead focused on yourself. What can I do today to help myself feel healthier and more upbeat, how can I use this energy to help shape the world? I’m now going to go over my morning routine and how not using my cellphone in the morning has helped me have a better lifestyle.


Try Yoga Stretches and Meditation:

Doing yoga or some other kind of mediation is the perfect way to start your day – you’ll be centered and relaxed, ready to focus on the tasks in front of you. I normally start off my mornings with a few simple yoga stretches. This allows for you to wake up your mind and prepare yourself for the day ahead of you. Meditating when you wake up and after a workout are both good times to allow your mind to relax and center yourself.


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