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To Know Your Darkness is to Love it

To know your darkness is to love it.

We often hear so much

“Look on the bright side”

“Think positive thoughts”

Which often can leave us feeling inadequate and fundamentally flawed in the face of adversity, contrast or struggle.

I think this can be unhealthy and destructive under certain circumstances,

as it often leaves no room for sharing and expressing our […]

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This Is 10X More Effective Than A Traditional Business Card

“Oh no, another one of those guys.”

You’ve probably thought this to yourself at a networking event when the dreaded “business card pusher” shoves his card in your face after little or no conversation. This is ineffective and what’s even worse, it shows how little he values others’ time and resources.

Why Don’t Business Cards Work?

They’re portable, […]

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How To Spotlight The Only Truly Unique Piece Of Your Business

Do you know what Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, and Oprah used to grow their businesses to dominance? They created strategic personal media brands and showcased their leadership skills through helping people.

When you position your story properly, you—via your personal story, struggles, and experience—can become the truly unique thing that will attract your ideal clients. And […]

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6 Steps to Unlocking Morning Power to Fuel Your Entire Day

How To Utilize Your Mornings

Think back to what you did this morning after you woke up. Probably turned off your alarm and picked up your phone, right? Just a quick check to see if anyone sent you any important messages before starting your day. This may have started off innocent enough, but before you’ve realized […]

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The 3 Missing Pieces Blocking Your Company From 10X Growth

Though your first thought about growing your company 10 times its original size may be, that’s impossible in my industry, I assure you it’s not. I’ve grown several companies 10X and know the steps it takes. So suspend your disbelief. Below, I share the three most common, glaring gaps in your approach to growth that may at first seem […]

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3 Different Approaches To The Work-Life Balance Struggle

When you look at the legacies of transformative entrepreneurs and historical figures, do you ever wonder how they had time to sleep? These epic figures seemed to do nothing beyond work.

But as much as I want to change my industry, I also want my legacy to be my children remembering their father had a successful […]

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