“Oh no, another one of those guys.”

You’ve probably thought this to yourself at a networking event when the dreaded “business card pusher” shoves his card in your face after little or no conversation. This is ineffective and what’s even worse, it shows how little he values others’ time and resources.

Why Don’t Business Cards Work?

They’re portable, affordable, and provide a standardized transfer of contact information. However, those little cards suffer from one fatal flaw; they are disposable. They get thrown away, lost, forgotten. You may circumvent the paper by inputting contact information in phones. But even bumping smartphones still only works at the very basic level of relationships. You exchange phone numbers, get a general idea of what the other person does, and promise to connect some time soon. This is 2X networking.

What if, every time you handed out a business card to a potential client, you had the opportunity to share a deeper connection, to demonstrate how your mind works, and to create the potential for a 10X relationship? You can — with the ultimate business card.


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